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This premium sports car is outstanding if you like a sleek design and performance all rolled into one. Although the Audi TT has been on the market for eight years it is still innovative and appealing to sports car buyers. For the 2007 model year the Audi TT has undergone some changes. One of the coolest ones is that the spoiler is not a static one like in years past. This model year the Audi TT has a hydraulic spoiler that is activated when the vehicle reaches a speed of 75 mph. Another notable change is the TT is bigger in 2007 than ever before and is now the biggest car in its class.


The Audi TT is an additional 5.4 inches in length and 3 inches in width. The gain in size meant the wheels were pushed out, which gives the TT more grip and increased performance. The 2007 Audi TT is not overwhelmingly different from past TT models, but it is different enough to differentiate from the past models. Check out the changes at an Audi dealership near you and you just might find the new Audi TT worthy of its sticker price of approximately $30,000 - $40,000.

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